Plugin settings / Video post type

Plugin post type options allows you to choose the post type under which you want to import YouTube videos as WordPress posts.

These options can be found under plugin menu Videos, page Settings, tab Post options.

The options are structured into 3 sections: General settings, Video post type options and Video post type rewrite.

WP YouTube plugin post options menu

General settings

By default, the plugin imports YouTube videos as plugin post type “video” with category taxonomy “videos“. This is very useful if you want to keep videos separated from other post types and it’s easier to customize WordPress themes with custom post type templates.

Import as regular post type post

If you want to change the default behavior and import videos as regular post type post, you can simply check option “Import as regular post type (aka post)“. This will force the plugin to import all your YouTube videos as regular posts and also do all the embedding into your posts.

Embed videos in archive pages

By default, the plugin will only embed videos on single post pages. To embed videos in archive pages, make sure you enable this option. Also please note that your website might get slowed down due to embedding a large number of videos at once.

Include microdata on video pages

From Wikipedia:

Microdata is a WHATWG HTML specification used to nest metadata within existing content on web pages. Search engines, web crawlers, and browsers can extract and process Microdata from a web page and use it to provide a richer browsing experience for users.

If this option is enabled, the plugin will display the following microdata information into video pages: video duration, title, description, thumbnail and upload date.

Check video statuses after import

When this option is checked the plugin will perform a daily verification for each video post that receives a visit and will query YouTube to check if the video is still public and wasn’t removed, due to various reasons, from YouTube. In case a video was removed, the plugin will set the post status to pending review, making the post inaccessible to your website visitors.

Please note that this verification is triggered by your website visitors, if you don’t receive enough visits on your website, this functionality won’t be triggered.

Video post type options

These options apply only for custom post type video implemented by the plugin. If you choose to import videos as regular post type, none of these settings will apply to your videos.

Video post type is public

When importing videos as custom post type video, the post type can be registered as private. This means that post type video won’t be visible in your website front-end but videos can be used to create playlists or embed them using the plugin shortcode.

Include video post type on homepage

If your WordPress reading settings are to display a list of your newest posts in your front-page, by checking this option you can mix your regular posts with video post type in your front-page.

Include video post type in main RSS feed

Similar to the above, when checked, custom post type video will be present into your main RSS feed, mixing posts with video post type.

Video post type rewrite

This section allows you to modify the slug for custom post type video and the category taxonomy videos.

Post slug

This option allows you to change the custom post type video slug from video to anything you want. Please note that this value mustn’t contain any spaces or special characters and must be unique on your website.

Taxonomy slug

This option allows you to change the taxonomy slug videos from videos to any custom value you need. Similar as above, the value mustn’t contain any spaces or special characters and must be unique on your website.