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WordPress YouTube plugin

By creating automatic video posts, the WordPress YouTube plugin saves you valuable time that you can use to create additional content and improve your WordPress video site online presence.
Keep your video content organized for SEO purposes by automatically assigning video posts into pre existing categories and attach them tags or video taxonomies for an improved, user friendly WordPress video site.

Sync with YouTube channel

Our WordPress YouTube plugin can synchronize your YouTube channel videos (or any other channel or video feed) with your WordPress video site and automatically import any newly uploaded videos without any additional actions needed from you.

Get more visitors

By exponentially increasing your WordPress video site content with high quality, related YouTube videos you will have a better chance of attracting more visitors to your website that are interested on the subject your video website promotes.
The plugin is successfully used by more than 1.500 users for over 6 years and is constantly supported, updated and upgraded to better fulfill its purpose and help you with your daily work.
Instead of doing repetitive, time consuming tasks related to your WordPress video site content administration, focus your efforts on growing your video site by finding new, amazing video YouTube video sources that you can add automatically to your website.

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(Some) Plugin Features

WordPress YouTube plugin

Set import feeds (ie. channel, playlist, uploads) and let the plugin do all the hard work. All posts will be created automatically for you and will be assigned to categories automatically.

Want more control? See what you import and how with the manual bulk YouTube video importer. Just choose the videos that you want to import and set the other details (ie. import featured image).

Is your WordPress video site using a WordPress theme that has amazing video capabilities? Awesome! You can instruct the plugin to import videos as posts compatible with your theme.

Control your YouTube video embeds with extensive options that allow you to customize the way your videos look.

Use the plugin actions and filters to modify the way your videos are imported. Everything can be changed according to your needs.

Set the import settings to optimize imports and keep your server fast without creating additional unnecessary load.

What can be imported from YouTube?

YouTube video importer sources

YouTube search queries

Import YouTube videos as WordPress posts by making search queries to YouTube.

YouTube user

Manually or automatically import all public YouTube videos from any user. 

YouTube channel

Synchronize any YouTube channel with your WordPress video site and importing videos automatically.  

YouTube playlist

Create playlists on YouTube and import them into your WordPress video site automatically. Or import other people’s playlists.

YouTube single video

Enter any YouTube video ID and just hit “Import”. All content is created automatically, including featured image and video embed, along with title, description, category and tags.

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Community love

The plugin works exactly the way it is meant to work. It saved me a load of time from adding videos one by one from YouTube. I had a small requirement regarding custom post type and the author resolved it very quickly.
CodeCanyon customer
Great plugin. Once set up properly, it does exactly what it advertises. As an Avada user, this is a real beauty of a plugin - something that I have always been waiting for. It imported my 200 YouTube videos without batting an eyelid, and has given me a new WordPress video site in a heartbeat. Fantastic!
CodeCanyon customer
WOW! Our YouTube video channel has risen to another level after being able to import large amount of content with only a few clicks! It is awesome! Thanks!
CodeCanyon customer

Automate your WordPress video site

Grow your YouTube channel today by creating an automated WordPress video site using WordPress YouTube Plugin – YouTube video importer!