Plugin settings / Video embed options

These options control how the plugin embeds the videos into the post content. Please note that these settings apply only if you embed videos using the plugin functionality. In case you made your WordPress theme compatible with the plugin these options won’t apply.

Please note that the embed options can also be modified for each individual video post by editing the post in WP admin.

The options can be found in WP admin plugin menu Videos, page Settings, tab Embed options.

WP YouTube plugin video embed options

Player size

Allows you to choose the default size of the player (can be modified for each individual video post). You can set up the aspect ratio and width, the height is automatically calculated by the plugin.

Show video in custom post

Choose the default position where the video is displayed into the video post. Choices are below the post content or above it.


Set the default video volume for all videos imported into WordPress.


Check this option if you want to autoplay the videos when a visitor sees your page (not available for mobile visitors).

Show player controls

Choose whether the player controls are visible or you just want to display the player without any controls.

Allow fullscreen

Allow the video to go full screen.

Autohide controls

Choose between different ways of displaying the controls into the player: always show them no matter what the video status is, hide controls when video is playing or fade out progress bar when playing.

Player theme

Choose from the 2 available themes: light or dark.

Player color

Choose between the red player ad the white one.

No YouTube logo on controls bar

When this option is checked, YouTube logo won’t be displayed on the controls bar but will be visible over the video when it is paused.


Show or hide all video annotations set by its owner.

Show related videos

Choose to show related videos into the player once the video has reached the end.

Show video title by default

Show video title into the video player.

Disable keyboard player controls

Choose to disable all keyboard controls for the video player.