Plugin filters / cbc check video status


If video status checking is allowed from plugin settings, the plugin will query YouTube API at most once every 24h in order to check if the video being displayed wasn’t deleted from YouTube or its privacy settings modified and made private. In case the video was removed or it is not public anymore, the plugin will automatically set the post status to pending.
This functionality can be bypassed using this filter in which case the video won’t be checked anymore.


(boolean)(required) Make the verification (true) or bypass it (false).

(WP_Post)(optional) The post object being verified.

(string)(optional) The current post’s YouTube video ID.



Do not make the verification for post ID 42.

 * Do not allow video status checking for post having ID 42
 * @param boolean $allow
 * @param WP_Post $post
 * @param string $video_id
 * @return boolean
function skip_from_checking( $allow, $post, $video_id ){
	if( 42 == $post->ID ){
		$allow = false;
	return $allow;
add_filter( 'cbc_check_video_status', 'skip_from_checking', 10, 3 );