Plugin settings / Content import options

Content import options allows you to choose which information will be imported by the plugin when creating a new video post. These options apply to all imports made by the plugin, be it single video import, manual bulk or automatic imports.

These options can be found under plugin menu Videos, page Settings, tab Content options.

WP YouTube plugin content options

Import categories

When this option is checked, for a given video, all categories associated with it on YouTube and returned by the API will be automatically created (if not existing) as WordPress categories and assigned to the newly created post.

Import tags

When option to import tags is checked, the plugin will import the number of tags that you enter under option Maximum number of tags. If importing for WordPress theme, please make sure to specify a tag taxonomy.

Import date

If this option is selected, instead of setting the post publishing date to the actual date the post was created in WordPress the plugin will set the date to the publishing date retrieved from YouTube.

Import titles

When checked, the title retrieved from YouTube will be set as post title when creating a new video post based on a video retrieved from YouTube.

Import description as

This option allows you to choose how to use the video description retrieved from YouTube when creating a new video post. Available options are to use the description as post content, post excerpt, set the description for both or not to import the description at all.

Remove text from description found after

This option allows you to automatically truncate video descriptions retrieved from YouTube if a certain sequence of text is found into the description. This is useful if you import videos from your own channel and you don’t want the entire description imported by the plugin.

Prevent auto embed on video content

The default WordPress functionality when you paste a YouTube link into a WordPress post is to automatically embed the video from that link into the post content. Videos retrieved from YouTube might have such links into their descriptions and when that is imported as post description into WordPress, the links will be embedded automatically.
To prevent this from happening, make sure this option is checked.

Make URLs in video content clickable

When retrieving videos from YouTube, their descriptions might contain links to various websites of interest that are related to the video. By default, those links will be displayed as regular text that your users can’t follow by clicking on it. To change this, check this option in order to automatically make the links clickable.