Content importing / Video image import

When importing a video as a WordPress post, you also have the possibility to import its image as post featured image. This is handy for a complete import that will display a post having all information.

For additional information about how to enable image importing at the same time with the video please see Image import options.

Bulk importing images

The plugin also offers the possibility to bulk import video images and set them as post featured image for any custom post type video or post created by the plugin.

WP YouTube plugin bulk import images

This is done from WordPress bulk actions by selecting the “Import thumbnails” action. The plugin will do its work in the background and will announce you when everything is done. This action should be used just like any other default WordPress bulk action.

Importing/updating a video post featured image

YouTube video image can be imported as featured image for individual posts created by the plugin when viewing the post in edit screen.

WP YouTube plugin post import featured image

In “Featured image” meta panel you will notice a new button “Import YouTube thumbnail“. When clicked, this will trigger the featured image import process that will automatically set the current YouTube video image as post featured image.