Plugin settings / Video import options

These options control how bulk import and automatic import will work when importing complex feeds from YouTube.

These settings can be found under plugin admin menu Videos, page Settings, tab Import options.

WP YouTube plugin import options

Import status

Using this option you can set the post status that the posts created by importing videos will have by default.
For example, if you would like to review the posts first, you might want to set this to Draft or Pending, depending on your preference. Or if you want the video posts to be visible once created, just set this option to Published.

Automatic import

This is how you control how often an automatic import should be triggered and at what interval. The maximum number of videos that can be imported at once is 50 but you shouldn’t set it to this value unless you’re sure that your server can handle the load.

To better understand this, when importing 50 videos the plugin is programatically creating 50 posts and if the option to import the featured image is also set, at the same time it will also create 50 entries into your WordPress media gallery. Due to the complexity of the process, this can end up with errors so you should never exceed 20 videos at a time unless your server can handle it.

Enable conditional automatic imports

When this option is enabled, automatic imports will be performed only if a certain URL receives a visit. Even if the time to perform an import is reached, no automatic import will be made unless it’s on the right URL. The URL (that is specific for your website only) will be displayed when this option is enabled.

This feature can be used if your website doesn’t receive enough visits that allow the plugin to make automatic imports with regularity or you own a website where the incidence of triggering concurrent imports due to high traffic is highly probable.

The way this feature can be used is by either setting up a cron job on your server that will access the link with regularity or use a different mechanism of your choice, like a website monitoring system that will ping your website at a given time interval.

Legacy automatic import

Starting with plugin version 1.2, automatic import is triggered by making a remote call to your website that triggers the import. This decreases page loading time and improves the import process.

While this works in most cases, some systems may not allow this functionality so if you notice that automatic imports aren’t importing, enabling this option will solve the problem.

Remove playlist from queue on YouTube error

When you create an automatic import you basically tell the plugin: import YouTube playlist having ID X.
If at a later time this playlist is removed from YouTube for any reason, in order to prevent the plugin from making useless calls to YouTube that query a nonexistent playlist make sure you check this option.
When this option is enabled, the first time the plugin queries YouTube and it returns an error the plugin will automatically pause the imports for that playlist. In turn, this allows you to notice that something is wrong and signals that you should start investigating.

Manual import results per page

With this option you can control how many videos are displayed per page when making manual bulk imports.