New WP YouTube Hub 1.5.7 update

A new update for YouTube importer plugin WP YouTube Hub has been released, making the current version of WP YouTube Hub to 1.5.7.

Upgrading to version 1.5.7 can be done from your website Plugins page or by downloading the update from your CodeFlavors Account.

What is new in WP YouTube Hub 1.5.7

  • Added new playlist shortcode option to visual interface for media display into the playlist;
  • Added new playlist shortcode option “embed_in_list” which can have values 0 (no media), 1 (embed videos), 2 (show featured image and embed video if featured image is missing) or 3 (show only the featured images);
  • Modified theme Listy and theme Simple to support the new shortcode option for displaying media;
  • Modified theme Default to ignore the new setting since it’s not needed in this theme;
  • Updated the video player embed script and removed all obsolete code.