How to install WordPress YouTube importer – YouTube Hub

WordPress YouTube importer installation – YouTube Hub is a premium video importer plugin that can import any public YouTube video as WordPress post. The plugin can import videos from user uploads, channels, playlists, YouTube search queries or single video.

WordPress YouTube importer download and installation

The plugin is available on CodeCanyon and can be downloaded after purchasing it from the Downloads area of your CodeCanyon account.

Check out the entire process of downloading and installing the WordPress YouTube importer.

YouTube server key setup

After plugin installation and activation, the first step that needs to be taken is to set up YouTube OAuth and enter the keys generated by the console into the plugin settings. This will allow you to query YouTube videos and create video posts.

See how to set YouTube server key and prepare the plugin for making YouTube queries.

How to set CodeCanyon purchase code

The last requirement after successfully installing and activating the plugin is to set up your CodeCanyon purchase code which will enable update notifications and automatic plugin updates.

Learn how to enable WordPress YouTube importer automatic updates.